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about us.

We’re a seasoned multi-award winning team of business professionals and software engineers who have have developed the first “no-coding required” smart contract solution for companies of any size and any complexity. 

Based on 4th generation blockchain EDLT (Entrerprise Distributed Ledger Technology ), Ultra Smart Contract users can create in minutes, complex contracts between two or more entities simply, quickly and more importantly securely all without writing a line of code.


Our focus.

We simplify the creation and execution of smart contracts and simplify the immutable sharing of digital data

Without a reliance on public blockchains such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, Ultra Smart Contracts offer absolute privacy and security. They are never public.


Create complex multi-stage contracts by simply choosing a preconfigured smart contract template or design your own, in minutes. No coding required


Contracts are conducted with little to no environmntal impact. Other solutions use as much electricity as eight households use in a day.


Our ecosystem can also be utilised for the sharing of digital data safely, securely and immutably all in a matter of minutes.
Think the elimination of Fake News


Our team.

We weren't born yesterday!
Lou Schillaci

Founder & CEO

Giovanni Di Noto

Founder & CTO

Claire Linley

Founder & CCO



What are they and what are their benefits


What are they?

Smart Contracts are used for all sorts of situations that span the full range of legal processes. 

They are also used in insurance, credit enforcement and financial services. They facilitate complex processes, such as in supply chain and provide a verifiable chain of communication.



Smart Contracts are faster than conventional systems for drafting contracts and cheaper, because there are no intermediaries involved – you create them yourself.



Importantly, they are far more secure because of the distributed storage, and far more transparent because they are permission-based and everyone involved in the contract can see its progress and any change.


How do they work?

The technology behind Smart Contracts is Blockchain, which in its simplest form, is an electronic ledger that converts a document or agreement to code, then parcels these digital records up into blocks and stores the information in a distributed manner.

This process ensures the information is preserved with complete integrity, which makes it a highly secure way to draft, exchange and maintain contracts.



It's not just us telling the Ultra Story

In the vehicle-sharing sector, one of the upcoming innovators is a European company, Volvero, which provides a digital marketplace for people to rent out their own vehicle to individuals or organisations that require one on an occasional basis.

“They are highly experienced in this space. CTO, Giovanni di Noto, is a leader in DLT and has extensive experience in developing products for multi-nationals and in leading highly skilled development teams.”

Marco Filippi

Founder, Volvero


Why Select Ultra?

Ultra Smart Contracts are designed to ...
Transform Business

Reduce costs, increase efficiency and generate added value by transforming business models.

Simplify repetitve processes

Reduce human errors, discards reliance on third parties and removes the need to process doucments manually.

Create complex customisable multi-stage contracts

Whether it’s a simple contract or a highly specific multi-stage multi-player consortium contract Ultra is the answer.

Create infinitely scalable agreements

Create contracts that are infinitely scalabe with ease and without the need to hire software developers. 

Promote trust and enable transparency

As the creator, you are fully in control of the contract process. Permission-based access ensures complete transparency.

Reduce Risks and
Mitigate issues

Our technology solution eliminates the risk of manipulation or fraud and reduces or eliminates the need for litigation and courts.

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